Alcohol calorie counter

Janae Verhelst

It’s Taco Tuesday. Then it’s Dollar Drink Wednesday. Later, it’s Mug Night Thursday and FAC (Friday After Class).

Deals on almost every day of the week makes it easy to get carried away with what you’re drinking and lose track of the calories you’ve ingested.

That’s where can come to the rescue.

A calculator on the website allows you to enter your height, weight and gender information to figure out exactly how many calories you have consumed and how the drinks are affecting your body. 

Once you enter the information, the calculator will show you how many calories you are actually drinking and how much exercise you will need to do to work off those calories.

And the calculator provides you with even more important information — your blood alcohol content. You will be able to see it change as you drink.

Blood alcohol content refers to the amount of alcohol that has been released into the bloodstream of a person after he or she drinks. For example, if an individual has a blood alcohol content of 0.21, it means that 21 percent of the fluid in his or her bloodstream is alcohol.

Many individuals would rather not know how many calories are in the drink they are consuming, while others want to know which beverages to avoid so they don’t ingest more calories than they wanted.

Below is a list of drinks that are popular in the Ames area, along with the amount of calories in each drink:

Beer: Calories per 12 oz

Coors Light – 102 calories

Natural Ice – 130 calories

Michelob Ultra – 95 calories

Bud Light Platinum – 137 calories

Vodka: Calories per 12 oz

Vodka and Diet Coke – 258 calories

Vodka and Red Bull – 366 calories

Cranberry Vodka – 343 calories

Wine: Calories per 5 oz

Franzia Merlot Wine – 105 calories

Cabernet Sauvignon – 152 calories

Other: Calories per 12 oz

Skinny Girl Margarita – 300 calories

Gin and Tonic – 255 calories

Four Loko – 337 calories