Iowa State ranked No. 8 for most right-swiped females on Tinder

Sarah Muller

The ladies of Iowa State are worthy of swiping right. 

At least, so says a new report released by Tinder. 

Iowa State was ranked No. 8 for most right-swiped women, or women desired to be matched, on the social dating app. The popular app helps users find matches in your area based on swipes right for likes and swipes left for dislikes. If you both swipe right, you’re a match and can contact each other. App users can compare common friends and interests with other users.

In the report released by Tinder, nine out of the top-10 schools for popular women were public universities, where the No. 1 school was Florida State. The University of Mississippi made both top 10 schools for right-swiped men and women. The top 10 lists contain schools from all over the country.

Tinder also performed a study on the most right-swiped men, where Iowa State ranked No. 50 and the No.1 ranked school was Georgetown University.