Student organizations request funding from Student Government

Zach Clemens

A bill that would allow student organizations to be eligible for funding from Student Government and college councils will be voted on at the Senate meeting Wednesday night.

The bill was sent favorably by the finance committee of Student Government, which met Tuesday evening to discuss the financial bills the Senate will vote on Wednesday. 

Student organizations can currently only receive funding from either Student Government or their college council, not both.

Michael Snook, vice speaker of the Senate, brought the bill before the finance committee seeking a change in the bylaws to allow organizations to be eligible for funding from either their respective council or Student Government.

Speaking on behalf of his constituency, engineering, Snook cautioned this puts organizations in tough situations in getting the funding they need.

Hamad Abbas, finance director, said the concern is how to prevent organizations from ‘double-dipping’ or getting funding from Student Government and their council.

Concern was also expressed that organizations without councils that could provide funding will be left short-handed if this bylaw was changed.

The Puerto Rican Student Association requested $6,050 for its Puerto Rican Cultural Night that will take place at the Memorial Union. The bill was sent favorably by the finance committee.

The funds for the association will be used for music, a live band and DJ, ethic food provided by ISU dining as well as decorations for the event.

Representatives of the association said 300 people usually attend Cultural Night, but Maneesh Pillai, student organization financial advocate, advised that with the location of the event and it being open to the public, a 40 percent increase in attendance should be expected.

The Bowling Club also asked for funding, and the bill was sent favorably by the committee.

Because the team has tripled in size this year and will have three traveling teams to go to bowling tournaments instead of one, the club needs additional funds.

The club needs funds for training that takes place at Perfect Games in Ames, which charges $60 per person to practice on its lanes. The club also requested $180 for each of its 22 members of the travel teams for tournaments, as well as $510 for registration for four different conference tournaments.

The Iranian Students’ and Scholars’ Association also requested funds from the finance committee. Each bill was sent to the Senate favorably to be voted on during Wednesday’s Senate meeting.