Letter: Rachel Junck connects our city


Taylor Hagie/Iowa State Daily

Ames City Council Meeting

Serena Paulson

From the time I was born, and now as a student at Iowa State, I have lived in the 4th Ward. Growing up in Ames’ Ward 4 has shown me what makes our city so great, but being an ISU student has shown me where Ames can be improved.

I wholeheartedly believe Rachel Junck is the only candidate who can connect the two parts of our city and make it a place where all residents can flourish – students and permanent residents alike. 

The first time I heard about Rachel was from her mother Vonda, my first grade teacher. She commented about how I reminded her of her daughters. Even today, people ask me if I am Rachel and I am always so flattered because she is the type of person I aspire to be more like. Rachel is kind, incredibly smart and one of the most well-read people I know.

She has the drive and determination to better the world around her, even when it is not convenient. We are both majoring in chemical engineering, so I can tell you about her rigorous coursework, not even counting her involvement on campus. Her character is outstanding and her vote on council would mean everything to the students who haven’t ever had that kind of authentic representation. 

After attending the forums held throughout this election season and later engaging with students on campus, I can tell you that students deserve better. Students deserve what residents regularly get – elected officials who meet them where they are at. That is exactly what Rachel has done. The average age of residents in Ames in 23, and that should be reflected in our local government.

If elected, Rachel would be the youngest woman elected to office in Iowa’s history. But she is simply running to serve everyone in the community. Beyond going door to door in neighborhoods, she has helped register hundreds of students to vote, engaged with them where they are at and listened to their concerns. 

To the students reading this: get out and vote. You matter and your vote matters, so show up and make it count. To the permanent residents, think about the students in your life. What kind of future and representation do you want for them and yourself? I know I want someone who values all parts of the community and their input, even when it’s hard to hear. I want someone who will do everything they can to listen to their community and implement positive change. 

This is why I am voting for Rachel Junck on Nov. 5th, and I urge you to join me in making history.