Ward: Pay attention to real issues

Madison Ward

Dear America,

Sometimes I truly cannot help but wonder why some things put into the universe get under our skin while other things, things that should truly be bothering us, don’t. What our personal radars pick up from the news and daily life is so skewed to what offends our identity that other, bigger issues slip through the cracks, and nothing reflects this more than “Dear Fat People.”

YouTube sensation Nicole Arbour, whose channel has racked up more than 11 million views, posted a six-minute rant Sept. 3 about how we as a society have created what is being called “fat shaming” as a way to excuse the unhealthy behaviors of nearly 70 percent of American adults.

Not that you couldn’t predict or haven’t heard about the backlash the video received, the world freaked out on Arbour calling her a bully and a skinny bitch. To be frank, I find this comical.

This girl is a YouTube comedian who used her platform to speak the truth about this country. We have a weight problem in America and there is no disputing that. Children opt for video games rather than a bike ride and parents are often too busy for the hour or so it takes to cook a nutritious meal so they head for the drive-thru line.

These are just plain and simple facts of life in this country, the thing is that no one wants to talk about it or admit that they are included in that group of “overweight.”

This brings me to my next point, which Arbour herself said best — “some people are already really mad at me for this video” — or in my case, column. Because I believe that as a society we are just too damn sensitive.

I myself, am not what society claims I should look like. I am a woman who is nearly 6 feet tall but I weigh about 200 pounds. I did not take offense to the video because she’s right. I, and the rest of society, should not use things like ‘fat shaming’ as a way to make excuses for the lifestyle choices we make.

My body, and your body as well, is the way it is because of the way we’ve treated it and that’s OK to own up to because there are ways to change it. As Arbour says in the video, “You have one body, and it has to take you all the way to the end.” And this is 100 percent the truth.

If you have seen the video, which has been re-uploaded to YouTube after being taken down, you know that it says all of this in a bit of a crass way. But then again, society today has just about the thinnest skin it has ever had. It’s a YouTube channel, people, not a politician or a diplomat. Nothing huge will change as a result of her opinions because it is comedy. This is not law she’s preaching.

Perhaps before writing a lengthy Facebook post venting about how wrong and evil Arbour is you should examin why it is you are so offended.

Someone says something that leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths, on YouTube no less, which in the grand scheme of things is quite irrelevant. The world freaks out as if it is being personally attacked by this person who is not only being honest, but is someone who they will most likely never have to deal with in person.

Meanwhile, we have a man running for president who constantly brags about how rich he is and flat out accuses anyone from Mexico as being a rapist and a drug lord. But a nice chunk of the voting world isn’t saying a damn thing. If anything we’re encouraging him with our silence. Trump stands at 32 percent in the polls and has a good chance of winning the Republican nomination.

I truly don’t understand how we as a country can let the atrocities that come out of his mouth slide by, but attack a woman for trying to be funny on the Internet. And especially given the fact that she is at least being truthful while Trump is making nasty, false comments left and right.