Lecturer to cover Ebola epidemic

Sarah Muller

Former United States Agency for International Development Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel will be on campus Thursday to discuss an epidemic that has faded from the news: ebola. 

While acting as the USAID chief information officer, VanRoekel’s responsibilities included advising the agency on the use of technology and data to help combat the ebola epidemic.

VanRoekel will present “Battling Ebola: How Technology is Transforming the Response to Global Epidemics,” at 8 p.m. Thursday in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union. 

After graduating from Iowa State in management of information systems, VanRoekel led the digital communications programs at USAID, while maintaining the position of managing director of the Federal Communications Commission.

He supervised all technical, operational, financial and human resources of the agency. VanRoekel later worked at the White House serving as the chief information officer of the United States before returning to USAID. 

The lecture is a part of the Redefining Global Security series and is co-sponsored by the College of Business, the College of Veterinary Medicine, World Affairs and the Committee on Lectures.