New restaurants to try out this fall

New Restaurants to try out This Fall

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New Restaurants to try out This Fall

Alia Mortenson

Students coming to Iowa State in the fall — whether they be freshmen or returning students — are always looking for that perfect place to go out to dinner when they get tired of the dining halls.

A new restaurant to try is called Bar La Tosca, located at 400 Main St. It’s a modern, Italian-style restaurant with a small but great spread of food options. 

Bar La Tosca has a relatively inexpensive lunch and dinner menu, alongside a bar menu. 

Some of the menu items include a variety of flat breads, pastas and other entrees. Their menu can be viewed at their website. They also have a Facebook page which announces events and specials. 

Bar La Tosca is a cozy and fun atmosphere that can and will be a great place for college students to get a drink or even a bite to eat when they’re looking for somewhere a bit fancier than usual.