Five clubs that students may not know about


Tiffany Herring/Iowa State Daily

Renee Alexander, Adam Cich and Garret Meier take off “on broomstick” at the start of a Quidditch match. Iowa State’s team is a school sponsored club that competes at a collegiate level around the Midwest.

Garrett Kroeger

It may be easy to find clubs like baseball, basketball and tennis, but, for some students, they may want to do something a little different.

Here are some clubs that students may not be a aware of.

Running club

Running is one of the easiest and hardest physical activities anyone can do.

For this club, anyone can participate.

“The [ISU] Running Club is a group dedicated for students to pursue all types of running, casual or competitive,” says the club’s website. 

So if a student is a former cross-country champion or even a person who just wants to stay in tip-top shape, the ISU Running Club might be the right fit.

Weight club

The weight club gives students unique equipment, atmosphere and opportunity for their members of any weightlifting experience.

So if a student wants to stay strong or even grow their biceps, ISU Weight club might be calling their name.

Quidditch Club

Most students on campus grew up when the Harry Potter series was dominating book stores and movie theaters in America.

After reading the books and watching the movies, some people may have been itching to fly around on brooms and catch the snitch.

Quidditch Club’s not exactly like that. Players do stay on the ground, but the rules of the game are still similar.

A student has the opportunity to be like Harry Potter at Iowa State. The Quidditch Club at Iowa State set out to introduce students about the ever-growing, ever-popular game by teaching them the rules and guidelines set forth by the International Quidditch Association.

To be like Harry Potter, grab the golden snitch and go out for the Quidditch Club.

Boxing Club

Students have the opportunity to box and be like boxers Billy Hope or Rocky in the ISU Boxing Club.

The club at Iowa State emphasizes the teaching of fundamental novice boxing skills while studying.

Also, the boxing club is part of the National Collegiate Boxing Association. If a student decides to join the boxing club, they could have the opportunity to become a collegiate boxing champion.

Paintball club

If a student wants to go extreme and experience a rush, the paintball club offers both. The club requires no prior playing experience or any gear.

The paintball club is part of the National Collegiate Paintball Association. Since it is a part of the NCPA, the ISU Paintball Club participates in college tournaments against other college teams.

The aforementioned clubs are just five clubs out of the 76 sports clubs on campus. If you don’t find any of these five interesting, there are many opportunities to participate in any of the sports clubs.