5 ways to wear a bralette in the summer


By Taylor Borde [email protected]

Bralettes offer a relaxed alternative to constricting bras.

Taylor Borde

As the sweltering July sun begs us to undress, there’s no shame in showing more skin. Break out the little lacey number you usually reserve for special occasions to beat the heat this summer. Bralettes are a relaxed alternative to constricting bras, giving you the freedom to experiment with different styles. With lace, crochet and crazy cutouts, endless opportunities exist to play peek-a-boo with these flirty unmentionables. But how do you wear a bralette without revealing too much skin?

Sheer blouse

Layer a romantic, lace bralette under a see-through blouse, and pair it with a pencil skirt to transition from work to a night out. Couple the blouse with a printed skirt for a trip to the farmer’s market. The thin layer of fabric gives you full coverage while still giving off a sexy vibe with its sheerness.

Deep v-neck T-shirt or tank

Deeps v-neck shirts used to be the enemy. You didn’t want to wear a cami, but it was too revealing not to wear something underneath. A bondage-esque, strappy bralette revs up a basic T-shirt while solving the age-old problem of how to wear deep v-neck shirts. Pair with distressed denim for a causal look.

Backless top or dress

If you can’t go without a bra or stickies won’t suffice, a racerback bralette is the way to go. Lace details or caging doesn’t look tacky, unlike normal bra straps. This bralette gives you the support you need without ruining your outfit.

Maxi skirt or palazzo pants

A high-waisted maxi or pair of palazzo pants opposite a crochet bralette allows a cool breeze without being skimpy. Crochet bralettes are usually longer than others and cover more skin for a more modest look. The flowy ensemble is fitting for a day at the beach or a casual dinner date. 

Drop armhole

Tanks and dresses with long armholes give you the ultimate opportunity to have your favorite bralette peak out the sides. This is a great substitute for a normal bra because it feels less revealing and adds an unexpected element to the outfit. Who wants to wear a real bra anyway?

Check out Aerie, Anthropologie, Aritzia, Asos, Lulu’s, Nasty Gal, and Urban Outfitters for bralettes in many different styles, colors, fabrics and prices.