What to eat, drink after your workout


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Eating and drinking the right things can prove instrumental in living your ideal healthier lifestyle, plus it could save you a whole lot of muscle soreness. 

Shelby Kramer

When trolling the website for helpful fitness advice, I came across an article on Fox News, written by Lisa Silva. Miss Silva detailed out some of the best things to eat and drink after a hard workout, and I think it’s worth a share.

Here is the gist of her information to get you thinking in that fitness mindset:

1. Whey

Whey is a fat-burning, protein-packed, energy-filled, immune-supporting super powder. Silva wrote that all you have to do is use a scoop of whey, which contains almost as much protein as a whole chicken breast to build your muscles and replenish you energy while boosting your immune system.

Silva’s article also reports that people who supplement with whey burn off almost twice as much body fat as those who don’t use whey.

2. Eggs

Eggs are obviously known for protein, but they also include essential amino acids to aid in fast recovery and branched-chain amino acids that help lessen muscle damage.

Make sure not to throw away the yoke because it contains about half the protein, plus all the egg’s vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Sweet potatoes

This wholesome carbohydrate powerhouse will help you restore your energy after an intense workout. As you work your body, it breaks down muscle glycogen (your energy reserves). You need to replenish yourself, so you can workout hard next time.

Sweet potatoes, along with about 26 grams of carbs, contain vitamin A and fiber, which tends to keep you feeling full and away from the fridge.

4. Avocado

Avocados contain muscle-repairing monosaturated fats and joint health and B vitamins to help your metabolism. Avocados are also known to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, which is a good thing.

5. Cherry juice

Not exactly your drink of choice, right? Well you might want to re-think developing a  taste for cherry juice because it’s packed full of antioxidants that’ll work against muscle damage.

Try to stick with the fresh juices, not the concentrates. Fresh juices usually preserve the good-for-you anthocyanins and flavonoids naturally found in cherries.

6. Green tea

Green tea boosts your energy, contains powerful antioxidants for your metabolism and a bunch of free-radical-fighting compounds that will aid in muscle soreness and inflammation.

Green tea is an all-around good drink because of this and its key compounds that have been shown to help with many chronic inflammatory conditions, such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

7. Chocolate milk

You heard me: chocolate milk. After an intense workout, hit the chocolate milk for fast recovery. You’ll get carbohydrates, calcium, healthy fats, whey protein and it’ll hydrate you quickly. In fact, Silva’s article reports that chocolate milk restores your muscle glycogen and rehydrates your body just as well, if not better, than Gatorade.