Essentials for a day at the beach


By Leah Landrum [email protected]

Sunscreen, a beach towel and sunglasses are just a few of the essentials needed for a day at the beach.

Leah Landrum

Whether you are headed to the beach or to the pool, fill your beach bag with these essentials and you will be ready to go.

1. Sunscreen/tanning lotion/after sun lotion: This is a must have. Protect your skin from the sun with an SPF 30 or higher to prevent sunburns and skin cancer. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen for your face as well and to reapply regularly.

2. Beach towel: Don’t forget to bring your towel.

3. Hand sanitizer: In case you have to use an outdoor bathroom, bring hand sanitizer. Public outdoor restrooms usually don’t have soap.

4. Hat: Opt for a floppy beach hat for a more chic look or go sporty with a snapback. This will protect the top of your head from harmful rays.

5. Waterproof makeup: If you don’t feel comfortable going to the beach au natural, make sure to use waterproof mascara.

6. Body mist: To keep yourself smelling fresh, bring a body mist for a quick spritz. Go for a light floral or a fruity scent.

7. Wave spray: To keep those beach waves looking awesome, bring a wave spray like “NYM Beach Babe” texturizing spray.

8. Wet bags: Bring along one of these to keep electronics and keys safe. You can find these at retail stores, or visit for some super cute homemade options.

9. Camera and phone: Most phones have really good cameras, so you probably won’t need to bring a camera. Just make sure you bring something to document the fun you are having. If you bring your phone, place it in a Ziploc bag to protect from splashes.

10. Sunglasses: Most likely your day at the beach or pool will be accompanied by bright sunlight. Sport a cute pair to match your equally adorable bikini.

11. Swimsuit and cover-up: Find a bikini with fringe or a Boho pattern for a fun vibe, or go for something simpler with a solid color. You can also wear a cute cover-up or kimono over your swimsuit. Kimonos are big right now, and you can find them in tons of cute designs.

12. Magazines/e-book reader:  If you plan to lie out in the sun, bring an e-book reader or magazines to pass the time. 

13. Water: Whether you are diving into the ocean, playing volleyball on the beach or just chilling with a book in the sand, make sure you stay hydrated.

14. Lip balm: Your lips need protection just as much as your skin. Make sure to bring a balm with sun protection like VitaminSchtick XXX or Burt’s Bees. 

15. Hair ties and a comb/brush: At some point, you will want to pull your hair up. Make sure you have a few hair ties on hand. Your friends will end up asking for them as well. 

16. Deodorant: Spending a day at the beach will ultimately end in sweat. Bring along deodorant to keep yourself feeling fresh.

17. Snacks/gum: You are bound to get hungry at some point, so bring along some healthy snacks. Trail mixes, granola bars and dried fruit are great options. Then clean up your breath with some mint gum.