Summer attire to wear to work


Abi Jo Meekins/Iowa State Daily

Blazers can be dressed up or dressed down with the right basic essentials and accessories.

Mackenzi Tjarks

Although it’s summer, many students are working or interning. Dress in the workplace is very important because it says a lot about the type of employee you’re going to be. Here are a few workplace staple pieces to keep stay professional while still looking stylish.

A printed pencil skirt is a staple piece because it’s long enough to be appropriate but the pattern shows off who you are.

Colored blazers are all the rage for summer work attire. Pair them with a neutral skirt or slacks to spice things up.

Faux wrap dresses are a popular item right now. Buy one in a bright color to bring a little summer to the workplace.

A pair of nude heels or flats is a must. They will go with any outfit choice and are simple and chic.

As for accessories, keep the bright color palette but don’t go overboard. Try pairing one pop of color and a neutral together per outfit to keep things from being a distraction.

Dressing up for work can be fun. If you’re stressing over what to wear, you can always check out Pinterest to see what the hottest items are and how to wear them.