What really propelled Niang’s 58-point performance?


Georges Niang goes up for a basket during a Capital City League game on June 24. Niang scored 37 points Thursday night in his return from attending the Nike Basketball Academy.  

Chris Wolff

ISU forward Georges Niang scored 58 points in a CapCity League game last night.

Some critics might contend that it was “just summer league,” but 58 points is 58 points. That doesn’t happen every day. Not even in the CapCity League.

So, what propelled Niang’s big performance?

Maybe he was so pumped about being invited to Nike Basketball Academy, which he will attend this weekend, that he couldn’t help but go off.

Perhaps it was the lack of defensive effort that typically accompanies summer league basketball.

Or maybe, just maybe, Niang’s shoe and sock combination had something to do with it.

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It may sound far-fetched, right? But there is no way kicks that hot didn’t help heat up Niang’s game.