Whitacre and Tom Hummer fill the room with talent at the M-Shop


Jillian Alt/Iowa State Daily

Chuck Perry and Paul Whitacre of Whitacre face out toward the crowd as they perform a song written for a woman over a thousand miles away. Their show was held at seven in the Maintenance Shop on Wednesday night. 

Collin Maguire

Whitacre filled the room with their incredible stage presence and their inspiring sound.

Everyone gravitated towards the performers as the show progressed. Both Whitacre and Tom Hummer showcased some incredible talent. While Whitacre left everyone in attendance with smiles on their faces. 

Tom Hummer established a heartfelt message to begin the show. Performing an unreleased song to open it all up. He began playing songs off of his most recent album, “Real Life.” This project revolves around relationships with those who have had a strong impact on Hummer’s life. Hummer excelled with his guitar-playing, and his lyrical ability. He even broke out the harmonica during “Matter of Time.”

Whitacre truly shined in tonight’s performance; which marks the end of their tour. Paul Whitacre showcased his inspiring vocals. Chase Perry came in playing the lap steel, and then proceeded to absolutely shred the banjo. Mark Cunningham’s ability as a drummer was superb. All three of the members proved their musical ability to the fullest.

Whitacre grabbed the audience with their highest trending song on Spotify, “Within the Mountains’ Shadow.” Chase gripped the room with his banjo, while Whitacre showcased some elite talent. Cunningham kept things in order with his impressive skill set.

The group carried on to perform a cover of, “Lost in My Mind” by The Head and The Heart. Whitacre really proves their standing as a special group within the folk genre.

Whitacre previewed songs off of their unreleased album “Seasons,” which is being released in the springtime.

Whitacre’s flair was displayed in the song “Southbound Train,” a song about relationship troubles. The track started off relatively slow, and then Whitacre turned the switch. Whitacre exhibited their ability to straight up rock.

The group capped the show with a bang. Cunningham showcased his versatile skill set by rocking a microphone and crushing the drums. All three members stole the energy in the M-Shop.

Whitacre truly established themselves as a remarkable group. The chemistry between each member was apparent, and their ability to put on a show is uniquely addictive. Whitacre rocked it, plain and simple.