College of Business jumps up the rankings


Matt Rezab

Gerdin is home to Iowa State’s Ivy College of Business. 2019 Business Week will be Sept. 16 through Sept. 20.

Angelica Lawson

The ISU College of Business is rising up the rankings, at least according to the latest evaluation in U.S. News and World Report. 

Based on two surveys by the magazine, the College of Business is doing some real work to help students gain the most knowledge and real world experiences. The college’s undergraduate program moved up 22 places from last year’s rankings, and is now ranked No. 79 in the nation. The graduate program is now ranked No. 63 in the nation, 10 spots better than last year.

“I think we’re just getting better known for the really good things that are going on here at Iowa State,” said David Spalding, dean of the College of Business.

The survey for the undergraduate program is a peer based ranking — scores are entirely based on the opinions of others — whereas the graduate program scores are composed of three categories and seven subcategories. There are two surveys given — one to peers and one to recruiters. The rest of the score is based on quantitative data, such as job placement, GPA, Graduate Management Admissions Test and Graduate Record Examination scores.

The rankings are also based on classroom experience and work the faculty is doing inside and outside of the classroom.

“Faculty are critical to the gains that we’ve made, it’s the experience of the class room,” Spalding said. 

The rise in the rankings doesn’t come as a shock to students in the college.

“It does’t surprise me that you know we jumped so high in the rankings because we’re hands on and not only that, we go past the bull crap and we give students actual real life experience before they’re even out of college,” said Colton Sievers, a senior in marketing.

Spalding said college administrators are constantly trying to improve the student experience and try to do the right thing, and it seems to work out. 

“The education we’ve received here has been really worth while, and even looking at our senior classes I’m not completely surprised that is something that has occurred,” said Alex Van Gundy, a senior in marketing.