How to CyRide


Blake Lanser/Iowa State Daily

CyRide is campus’ most popular form of transportation. It accommodated 6,619,182 passengers and covered 1,234,773 revenue miles in fiscal year 2014.

Matthew Rezab

Parking on campus is limited and can be expensive if ISU Parking Division catches you after the meter runs out. Luckily, CyRide is here to save you money and hassle.

CyRide is the citywide bus service available free of charge on a day-to-day basis for ISU students, and can get students anywhere on campus or around town. It is partially funded by student fees.

CyRide Need To Know

  • Bus schedules are available on the bus, in shelters or online at
  • The circles and squares on the bus schedule map are bus stops. The squares represent a “timepoint.” Your bus will not leave the “timepoint” until the time listed in the schedule.
  • Arrive five minutes early to your stop and make yourself visible to the driver.
  • Have your student ID ready to show the driver.
  • When you want to stop, pull the cord above the window about a block from your destination. If you are not sure where your stop is, ask the driver for help.
  • Many CyRide buses have bike racks for cyclists. The routes and times for buses equipped with bike racks are denoted by the bike symbol in the bus schedule.
  • Food and drinks are allowed on the bus as long as they are in a closable container.
  • CyRide buses are handicap accessible.
  • The Moonlight Express runs between 10:30 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays when school is in session. Call 515-292-1100 for a ride. Have the following information ready:
    • Where you are at
    • Where you need to go
    • How many people are with you
    • How soon you would like to go

Items Not Allowed On The Bus

    • Car batteries
    • Firearms
    • Gasoline or other flammable liquids
    • Large pieces of lumber
    • Large boxes (A projection TV just won’t work)
    • Animals other than service animals
    • Other items that cannot be kept out of the aisles of the buses