Fred Hoiberg’s Chicago Bulls staff


Korrie Bysted/ Iowa State Daily

Fred Hoiberg speaks at his last Iowa State press conference in Hilton coliseum on Friday, June 5.

Chris Wolff

While much of Fred Hoiberg’s farewell press conference involved questions about his future replacement, a few questions focused on who might be joining his staff in Chicago.

“I’ve had some really good initial conversations, [but] I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself right now and talk too many specifics on who I’ve talked to,” Hoiberg said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to put a staff together here pretty quickly.”

Hoiberg said he wants to pull together a staff quickly to familiarize the new staff with the players as soon as possible, and also for NBA draft purposes and the upcoming NBA summer league.

When specifically asked whether ISU assistant coach Charlie Henry would follow Hoiberg to Chicago, Hoiberg responded: “I’m still evaluating everything with the staff.”