Essentials for a weekend getaway


Kelby Wingert/Iowa State Daily

Bringing a spare change of clothes on a weekend getaway can come in handy if there is a rainstorm.

Brittany Moon

Summer is the season for spur-of-the-moment road trips, making memories and never knowing what will happen next. Along with all of these exciting elements that usher in the summer months come rising temperatures and a change of clothing choices. Being able to pack for a day trip or a weekend getaway can be helpful with road trips and short vacations.

The first few essentials items have to do with taking care of the skin and body. The the main one is having sunscreen for both the face and the rest of the body. For the face, one could use a SPF-included moisturizer for both protection and moisture. The second item would be deodorant or a perfume or cologne of some sort. Whether this summer trip includes strenuous activity or not, there will most likely be some degree of perspiration, which can be easily masked by a scented spray. The final body product needed would be bug spray or repellent. Although not all summer activities require contact with insects, it can happen any time so be prepared.

A few more items necessary for the weekend getaway would be a change or two of clothing, as well as extra undergarments. This may seem like basic knowledge, but even for a day trip, having a change of clothes can be incredibly helpful in case one were to fall into a body of water or get stuck outside in a rainstorm. Another must would be a hat; whether a baseball cap or fedora, it can mean the difference between harmful rays on your face and scalp or protection. Finally, bring a bathing suit, which can be a given in the summer months. But even if plans aren’t including a swim, being prepared is always a plus.

Finally, an extra pair of shoes stashed in the trunk can be incredibly helpful if a sandal were to break suddenly or a tennis shoe gets lost in the mud somewhere.

The final thing needed for almost any summertime destination is extra cash. Being able to pitch in for gas or buy a drink, which can be necessary a lot of the time with the summer heat, just makes a trip easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Always having a little cash and a back-up card along for a summer getaway can prevent many mishaps.

Be sure to make a checklist before running off on your next weekend getaway this summer.