O’Malley makes a stop in Ames

Alia Mortenson

After a full day of speeches in Sioux City and Carroll on Sunday, presidential candidate and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley made his last stop of the day in Ames. 

O’Malley focused on the economy, fossil fuels and immigration. The economy, O’Malley said, is an issue because the United States paid for the war on a credit card and is now drowning in the costs.

Fossil fuels are an issue because of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the air causing pollution. O’Malley wants to fix this by passing an act that would tax the amount of carbon emitted into the air. 

O’Malley hopes by passing this that the United States will be running on only Clean Energy other than transportation by 2050. 

Lastly, O’Malley addressed the ideas and needs for immigration reformation for the reasons that anyone who wishes to live and work in America, and pay taxes should be allowed to do so.

By letting immigrants have jobs and educations like the rest of the nation will actually boost the economy helping resolve issue number one. 

O’Malley also stands for cheaper education for college students. he asks, “Why would the nation who is drowning in debt want to bury the next generation in more debt? We should be investing in the schools to make collegiate education more affordable.” 

After a certain paid grade taxes should be higher to enforce the idea that the upper class should be helping the nation by making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn. 

O’Malley former governor of Maryland and former mayor of Baltimore holds 15 years of experience in his hands. 

Whilst he was Governor of Maryland he repealed the death penalty, banned assault rifles, passed the dream act, and cut way down on the 1.7 billion dollars in debt that Maryland had alone. 

O’Malley says he has made his decision and that all he needs is us to make our decision to back him up.