Older sister saves brother in attempted abduction

Matthew Rezab

An attempted abduction in Ames was foiled early Friday morning when a teenage girl rescued her younger brother from a male suspect who forcibly removed the boy from their home, police said.

According to an Ames Police Department press release, investigators have filed an arrest warrant for Akuk Akok, 17, of Ames for first-degree burglary in connection to an attempted abduction.

Police responded to a report of an attempted child abduction in the 100 block of McDonald Drive at about 12:50 a.m. Friday.

Family members told police a male suspect entered the house while those inside were sleeping. The suspect then pulled the child out of a basement window and hit the boy in his face, police said.

The victim’s older sister chased the suspect into the front yard after waking to the commotion. Police said the suspect ran away after the girl was able to get her brother back from him.

The suspect was found by officers in the 4300 block of Lincoln Swing, taken into custody and transported to Mary Greeley Medical Center for a mental health evaluation. The suspect was later moved to a medical facility not in Ames for further mental health evaluation, police said.

The suspect will be taken into custody after he is released from the medical facility, and will be charged as an adult because the first-degree burglary charge is considered a forcible felony, police said. Lt. Tom Shelton said the suspect had not been taken into police custody as of Saturday morning. 

The child was treated for minor injuries and released from Mary Greely Medical Center.

Police said the suspect is not a close friend or acquaintance of the victim’s family, but does live a few blocks away. Investigators are not yet sure of the suspect’s intentions.

Anyone with information involving this case or any other investigation is urged to call the Ames Police Department at 515-239-5133 or the anonymous tip line at 515-239-5530.