Yak of the semester


Yak of the semester

Noah Cary

It’s been a good semester at Iowa State — lots of stuff happening on and off campus. Here are some of the best Yaks of the semester from popular social media app Yik Yak.

10) “I bet Bings top search is Google”

9) “If someone ever tells you that your dreams are stupid, just remember that there is a millionaire out there that invented the pool noodle”

8) “Dentist: When was the last time you flossed? Me: Well, you should know. You were there”

7) “There is a wifi network that’s named ‘YellPENISforpassword’ in my building and like 3 people from different apartments were yelling it today”

6) “I think I walked over the Zodiac on a visit before orientation five years ago.. I’ve been screwed from the get go”

5) “Ate a salad for lunch!! Ok, it was mostly croutons and tomatoes. Well one big crouton with tomato sauce. Ok, fine. It was a pizza, I had a pizza for lunch.”

4) “Hey ladies if you’re looking for an impressive guy, just look around. Every guy on the ISU campus has as many Oscars as Leonardo DiCaprio”

3) “We beat Iowa, who beat Rutgers, who beat Wisconsin, who beat Kentucky. We beat Kentucky”

2) “I have gotten out of bed 365 days a year for 18 years. That’s 6,570 sit-ups. AND not one ab to show for it

1) “My roommate was looking for his phone and found it in his pants from yesterday. He said ‘I don’t know why that wasn’t the first place I looked.’ I said ‘I don’t know why that came after the microwave’”

See you next fall, ISU.