Artist to preview tour at the Bluestem

Kelsey Palmros

Artist Paul Doffing and his girlfriend Jen Tillman will preview the Freedom from Fuel Tour with the release of Doffing’s third album, Songs From the (quaking) Heart, at Bluestem at 8 p.m. Saturday. 

“The story of this album really is the story of how my life unfolded through high school and college, and how I’ve grown and transformed to the place I am at today,” Paul Doffing said.

Following the release, the couple takes off by bicycle on June 5 to various shows across the United States. The couple will travel internationally as well beginning in 2016.

“The album is minimal in instrumentation, often consisting of simply my guitar and voice. My hope is for the album to be empowering and invigorating. After all, if the world is going to change, we’re the people who can do it,” Doffing said.

The tour map is located on the Fuel from Freedom website with the locations and dates of shows in Iowa.