May your hats fly as high as your dreams

By Noah Cary, [email protected]


Noah Cary

As the school year is coming to a close and everyone is finishing finals, I want to congratulate those who have made it through year, and to share with you what I learned this past year.

The first thing I learned: do not get worked up over rumors. Mid-September, the guy sitting next to me in stats told me this winter was going to be the worst one on record, and there would be blizzards that will be remembered for decades. In reality, as winter began, we did not have snow fall until late December or early January. We did not have a white Christmas. Relax and go with flow because most of the time bad stuff never lives up to the hype.

The next thing I learned is that finding an internship is not as hard as it seems. Every college within Iowa State has the tools necessary to find an internship and the right people to get you started. There are companies looking for interns in every kind of business and in every part of the country and world. You have to look in the right place and make yourself marketable.

How do you make yourself marketable? Get involved. Get involved with anything. It does not have to look good on your résumé. Heck, it doesn’t have to go on your résumé. Outside involvement is a great way to meet people and gain unique experiences you normally otherwise would not experience.

The last thing I learned is that the year goes by fast, faster than you might expect or realize. I am already packing to move out of my apartment and getting ready to start my internship, but it doesn’t seem like I was unpacking that long ago, eager to start the school year. As you are looking back on this year, wondering where it went, I hope you made some friends and had some experiences because you’re only in college for a little while; the time moves quick, so make the most of it.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge all those who are graduating on a job well done. Graduating from a four-year university with any degree is no easy feat. As you look back on your time at Iowa State, look back on it with dignity knowing you are among the elite. I hope you enjoyed your adventure at Iowa State.