Illustration/Iowa State Daily

Building a good relationship with your roommate is an important component to mental stability and emotional health.

Kyndal Reimer

The wild, the silent, the creepy, the gassy – the roommate. Time and time again, freshmen are told that their first year is bound to be a learning experience from beginning to end. This principle applies to your first round in the roommate life as well. It’s safe to say that everyone owns their own unique roommate tales, here are just a few from your fellow Cyclones.

The Not-so Love Notes – “For starters, I was her 3rd roommate of the first semester. That should’ve been a red flag, but I’m notoriously optimistic. Anyways, it went great the first day or so… But then the notes started popping up everywhere. Notes listing what I was doing wrong, why I was rude, what chores I needed to do, and so on. And her hair. Was. Everywhere. It was in places that didn’t even make sense. Plus, I let her use my best towel and she got bleach all over it. No apologies. No words were exchanged…Just these bitter little papers filled with criticism. The weird thing was that I was innocent of most things, in fact, usually she was the guilty one. It didn’t take long for her to have to find her 4th roommate.”

The Undercover Agent – “We never talk. Ever. Which is fine, it kind of sets a relaxing atmosphere, so whatever. But in the past couple months, I’ve noticed abnormal things. At least once a week, my roommate goes to sleep fully clothed, wakes up around 2:00 AM, and leaves…for the entire night…usually til at least 1:00 PM the next day. He never brings his backpack or anything. He’s just gone. Last night I asked him if he was an undercover spy like Kim Possible. He just chuckled, went to bed fully clothed, and repeated the process again. I haven’t seen him yet today.”

The Paranoid – “The first night together, I was awoken to find my roommate crawling from corner to corner of her bed with a flashlight. I asked her, ‘what, did you lose something?’ To which she swiftly let me know the most recent statistics of the prevalence of bed bugs in college dorms. Oh, okay. She did this scanning method every night without fail. Another time, I told her the Friley laundry room ghost story. She freaked out like any normal person would, but she also snuggled with her Bible all night to keep the demons away…which isn’t what any normal person would do.”

The Pizza Polisher – “My roommate is an example of the kind of kid your parents DON’T want you to end up living with. For starters, all he eats is pizza. He usually orders it for delivery and eats it throughout the day. At least he alternates flavors, right? Every Friday night, he’ll go out and get drastically drunk. He strolls into our apartment around 4:00 AM, strips down to the nude, throws on MY robe, then sleeps on the floor like a dog. Every. Single. Friday. Night.”

The Night Whisperer – “Do I have any weird roommate stories? Hmmm…….. Is it weird that my roommate whispers things like ‘there’s no going back’, ‘it is finished’, ‘I took care of her, Tom’ in his sleep? I know this because he goes to sleep at 9:00 PM every day so while he sleeps, I’m awake like a normal person. And I hear everything. And everything is weird. And by weird I mean creepy. And by creepy I mean terrifying. I am terrified of my roommate.”

Despite these weird tales of roommate trials and tribulations, plenty of Cyclones end up enjoying their random roommates. As long as you aren’t stuck with Kim Possible or someone that doesn’t mind stealing your robe to cover their nudity, you should be able to live happily ever after.