Cyclone Cinema provides movies for community

The Cyclone Cinema, located inside Carver Hall, features new movies every weekend during the school year.

The Cyclone Cinema, located inside Carver Hall, features new movies every weekend during the school year.

Sarah Muller

Whether your thing is explosions, witty dialogue, comedy or drama, Cyclone Cinema has probably showed it in Carver Hall.

Cyclone Cinema had its first movie viewing in August 2011, drawing in college students and community members. Ever since, Cyclone Cinema has offered multiple showings every weekend during the school year.

“We wanted to create an activity on the weekend, kind of an alternative to going out, to create free entertainment,” said Hannah Nation, junior in event management.

After being a general member for Cyclone Cinema, Nation began volunteering almost every week. She interviewed for an executive position and became co-director due to her previous experience with the club.

“Typically the fall movies are blockbusters, and the spring lineup is more Oscar nominated films,” Nation said.

Movies are chosen according to how well the movie did in ticket sales in the box office and voting at Student Union Board general meetings.

“We generally do get movies sooner than they come out on DVD,” Nation said. “But those things aren’t definite when we look up movie times.”

Cyclone Cinema works through two companies, Swank and Criterion, that give movies to organizations, including colleges, to be be shown.

Natasha Porizkova, junior in public relations, is director of the Student Union Board and Maintenance Shop director who helps at Cyclone Cinema with concessions when possible.

“We are required to help out with movies, although they don’t have to force us to help out,” Porizkova said. “We have a loyal group of volunteers and people who help out all the time.”

Members of Cyclone Cinema decided they wanted to keep it on campus in order for easy access. They also address the importance of cost.

“Going to the movies is expensive,” Nation said. “If we release the semester lineup in advance, students can plan ahead.”

While Cyclone Cinema is free admittance, each movie costs approximately $1,000 for the club to rent from Swank and Criterion.

Depending on the movie and events of the week, attendance can range from scarce to full capacity. At the beginning of the semester, movies such as “Gone Girl” and “Interstellar” were packed, and “Big Hero 6” attracted families from around Ames to take advantage of the free movie and cheap concessions.

“When people come by themselves, it’s great, so you aren’t just sitting in your dorm room,” Nation said. “You might as well utilize things happening on campus and really enrich your college experience.”

Addie Smith, freshman in math, expressed how convenient Cyclone Cinema is for her.

“My friend and I wanted to see ‘Neighbors’ and it was not out on DVD yet, but it was in Cyclone Cinema,” Smith said. “Cyclone Cinema gives students more options of things to do on the weekend.”