Yak of the week April 16-23


By Noah Cary [email protected]

source: http://atlasbusinessjournal.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/yik-yak-web-logo.jpg

Noah Cary

Top ten yaks of the week

Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app that allows its users to vent their frustrations and observations onto a geo-tagged feed. Yik Yak is directly aimed at college students and all college campuses are geo-tagged. This means you can only Yak to a certain feed if you are close enough too it. There are hundreds of feeds nationwide. A yak can be upvoted or downvoted. The more ups, the greater the yak. Here are the week’s top yaks from Iowa State:

 10) “Sometimes when I leave my dog for work, I will turn on Animal Planet for him”

9) “Ahh hunting season, where the upperclassmen prey upon the foolish freshman’s unused gold plan”

8) “I hate when I am eating chips and watching Netflix and I have to turn it up super loud because of chips”

7) “4/20? Don’t you mean 1/5? We are in college people reduce your fractions”

6) “Constantly stuck between ‘Life is short: eat the mac and cheese’ and ‘Lifes gonna be REAL SHORT if all you eat is mac and cheese’”

5) “My girl just brought me bdubs…. Naked. How long is the jewelry story open? I gotta get her a ring”

4) “Its stress pimple season”

3) “Its 4/20 now. Hope you remembered to leave out cookies for Snoop Dogg”

2) “Kinda scared for the rest of 2015 because 2+0+1+5= 8 which is exactly how many nipple Hitler would have if he had six more nipples”

1) “There is a wifi network that’s named ‘YellPENISforpassword’ in my building and like 3 people from different apartments were yelling it today”

The Yak of the week is for entertainment purposes and if you would like to have your Yak nominated, download Yik Yak and start yakking.