GSB executive cabinet

Michaela Ramm

Newly inaugurated president and vice president of GSB, Dan Breitbarth and Megan Sweere, have chosen their executive cabinet for the 2015-2016 year. 

The GSB Senate approved the appointments at its April 8 meeting.

Here are the members of the cabinet:

Chief of Staff: Logan Halverson

Director of Communications: Michaela Sundermann

Director of Visual Media: Sarah Cortez

Student Organization Finance Advocate: Maneesh Pillai

Director of Graduate and Professional Student Outreach: Neil Vezeau

Director of Information Technology: Andrew Nguyen

Director of Academic Affairs: Blake Singbush

Director of ISU Ambassadors: Adelai Swanson

Directory of Student Affairs: Tony Behnke and Bryony Lovatt

Director of Student Diversity: Jazmin Murguia

Director of Sustainability: Parker Neid

Ex-Officio Ames City Council Student Liaison: Sam Schulte

Finance Director: Hamad Abbas

Treasurer: George Melookaran

Student Government Social Chair: Marshall Dolch

Director of University Collaboration: TBD

Director of Government Relations: Zaak Barnes (fall 2015) and Brittany Gaura (spring 2016)

Director of New Student Outreach: Daniel Gavin

Director of Special Events: Kaitlyn Smith

Webmaster: David Weinstein

Director of Philanthropic Outreach: Farouq Ghandour