Floyd Mayweather to retire


by Shelby Kramer, [email protected]

source: http://www.independent.co.uk/incoming/article9308816.ece/alternates/w620/pg-68-mayweather-getty.jpg

Noah Cary

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. has officially announced his plans for retirement this coming September. Mayweather currently has only two fights remaining on his Showtime/CBS contract worth $200 million and said when his two fights are over, he plans on only being a boxing promoter, not inside the ring.

Mayweather has the most anticipated fight of his career ariving May 2 when he is set to fight Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas. Mayweather has long avoided this matchup for various reasons, but fans have been calling for this fight for years. Pacquiao himself has also been pushing for this fight for some time. Ringside tickets for the fight are already selling for close to $90,000 and as the fight date gets closer the price will only rise. This could be the most expensive fight to ever take place.

Mayweather, who is 46-0 in his career, has one of the best records in boxing history, and many say he could get his first career loss against Pacquiao, which is the reason for his persistent avoidance of this fight.

It seems like a cop out for Mayweather to announce his retirement right before one of the most anticipated fights of the decade, a fight were many expect him to receive his first loss. It is almost like he is expecting to lose and does not want to seem like a quitter when he does. It would have been better if he had waited until after the fight and announced his retirement plans, before his next opponent was scheduled. Now it just looks like he is scared of losing and wants to make his exit plan while he is still the undefeated champion.

Pacquiao on the other end, is looking forward to the fight. He has made it pubic that he does not like Mayweather and his history of domestic violence. He wants to put Mayweather on his back, and he wants to send a message to the entire world that domestic violence is unacceptable.

With Mayweather making plans to exit, and Pacquiao standing up for something he believes in, I expect to see Mayweather’s first loss May 2.