Disc golfing must-haves

Disc golfing must-haves

by Shelby Kramer, [email protected]

Disc golfing must-haves

Shelby Kramer

1. Discs

Make sure you have a true blue disc golf disc, not just some knockoff Frisbee. Like regular golf, discs are designed to do three basic things: be used as a driver for long throws, used as an approach disc for when you get closer to the basket (second and third throws) and to be used as a putter. These three purposes suit three different “types” of disc, which vary in weight and shape, depending on which you need. Beginners don’t necessarily need to buy all three to get out and play, but if you’re looking into disc golfing as a hobby, it might be worth it to research some more.

2.  Bag and/or cooler

 Make sure you have a bag to carry all of your stuff like extra discs, speakers, your phone and keys, drinks, etc. It’s best to have a backpack-like bag as it can get annoying to lug around a large bag. The only downfall of the backpack: you have to take it off for every disc throw, which can get really annoying. Find what you prefer and go with it.

3. good shoes

No flip-flops allowed unless you want to risk breaking them, hurting your feet and/or going barefoot. Discs can often venture off into wooded areas, so it’s best to keep your piggies safe in search-and-rescue instances. You’ll be walking a lot, so stay away from sandals, heavy boots, high heels, etc.

4. bug spray

Yes, oh, yes. Bug spray is a must. It’s pretty self-explanatory why you’ll need it; and most disc golfers would suggest “deep woods.” It’s buggy out there. The same goes for sunscreen. It’s easy to get fried. You can also lather on some tanning oil and get some sun while you’re cruising the course. 

5. speakers

Disc golfing is much more enjoyable with some tunes. Hook yourself up with some small, portable speakers that you can carry in your bag/pocket so you and your friends can jam as you disc. Good music, nature, cold drinks, friends. What’s not to love?

6. clothes you aren’t overly attached to

Weird things can happen when disc golfing, like having to wade into a creek to retrieve an overthrown disc. Try to dress in clothes you could live without. The same goes with shoes. It would suck to venture out for a day of disc golfing and ending up with muddy Jordans, a sweat-encrusted shirt and a bad attitude.