Goals for three ISU men’s track, field athletes at Drake Relays

Luke Manderfeld

The ISU men’s track and field team will compete at the Drake Relays starting on Wednesday.

Here are some goals for some of the ISU athletes.

Edward Kemboi: “I just want to break an ISU record. There is a lot of attention there, but I want to trust my teammates. Every time we go to [the Drake Relays], I think like, ‘Okay, this is where we are a family.”

Henry Kelley: “Throwing a personal record would be great. My goal at the Drake Relays would be to make it to finals. I think there [were] 30 athletes and last year I finished 20th, so finishing in the top nine would be really cool and being able to take six throws there. If I throw a personal record, it would be cool, just like any other day. But to make it to the finals would be really cool.”

Brandon Barnes: “I had an off week last week, I had an injury I was dealing with, so a lot of the distance guys are focusing on the relays. That’s the focus is just running some relays. It’s always good to go fast, so I guess the relay is going to be the focus going into the Drake Relays.”