Why donate to Iowa State?

Claire Norton

According to the Iowa State Foundation’s website, foundation.iastate.edu, student debt has been climbing, leaving students to graduate with thousands of dollars owed.

Here’s some reasons why donating to ISU is a great thing:

  • Decrease debt

Others outside of the university are encouraged to donate through the Iowa State Foundation in order to increase the funds and scholarships that provide for students, in turn, leaving them with less financial turmoil.

  • Tax-deduction

By donating things that are non-cash, with programs such as Gifts of Grain, to the university, you are providing a selfless service, which is rewarded through reducing taxable income.

  • Allow for prestigious faculty and academics

Faculty can be awarded an endowment to permanently secure his/her seat, creating a value for his/her position, benefitting student’s learning and the faculty’s experience as well.

  • Better buildings

Providing students and faculty with great places to learn and teach, is essential to becoming a well-versed university. Without all of the great facilities, there would be no way to adapt to the changing world we live in.