Letter: Students have power to change Iowa State

The past two years serving as student body president and vice president have been challenging and exhilarating, but most of all, they have been an honor. Partnering with and working for my fellow students has allowed us to improve our community with lasting impact. Thank you for the privilege of serving with you.

Over the last year we’ve addressed issues concerning academics, student life and increased enrollment. We worked with the university to open additional online testing centers during Finals Week in labs across campus and stressed the importance of long-term planning, which led to hiring a consulting firm. We advocated for and saw a tutoring wage increase of $1. We partnered with the Division of Student Affairs to open the Student Loan Education Office, dedicated to helping students plan for and understand their education payment options.

We worked with the parking division to open an additional 95 parking spaces at night and on weekends. Student Government followed through on its commitment to monetarily support research for a Bike Share Program, and it continued partnering with the Division of Student Affairs and College of Design on the initiative. We finalized the inclusion of a new bus stop sidewalk across from Maple-Willow-Larch, where CyRide No. 23 Orange drops off, as part of the Summer 2015 construction plan. We also continue to work closely with CyRide to recommend route changes and evaluate specific improvements to route No. 23 Orange.

Student government stressed the importance of increased service and availability to students in the Thielen Student Health Center, especially with increased enrollment growth. We advocated for and saw the hiring of a consultant to recommend solutions to the transportation congestion of Osborne Drive. The improvements we have made over the last year are numerous, but the change must continue.

As an individual you have a voice. You have the power to inspire change. You can improve our campus, community and world. Your voices and opinions shaped our efforts in student government, and gave momentum to the improvements we can now enjoy. As a collection of individuals, as a student body, our impact is at its largest. Now is the time to make our mark and improve Iowa State for our peers and for the generations to come.