Elected GSB president, vice president sworn in

Dan Breitbarth and Megan Sweere are sworn in as the new Student Government president and vice president. 

Michaela Ramm

Dan Breitbarth and Megan Sweere were sworn in as president and vice president of the Government of the Student Body on Monday night.

Breitbarth and Sweere were elected for the upcoming year, receiving 66 percent of the 4,135 total student votes.

Breitbarth said they were more than ready and excited to see what they can accomplish in the upcoming year.

“The upcoming year will be filled with many triumphs and probably a few tribulations as well,” Breitbarth said. “But [Sweere] and I are looking forward to it all.”

The pair was sworn in by former GSB President Hillary Kletscher, which marks the end of her time in office.

Kletscher said reflecting back, she believes a lot was accomplished during her time as president.

“Our voice had a difference,” Kletscher said. “The things we said we would do actually made a difference.”

Kletscher said accomplishments that have been made during the past year include improved parking, an increase in wages for tutors, improvement to enrollment issues and improvement to transportation.

Kletscher said she is excited to see what the newly elected will achieve and that it’s up to them to prepare for the upcoming year.

Breitbarth said he and Sweere are excited to get started.

Breitbarth said they have already begun working on goals. They hope to tackle small fixes that are required to help students, which include better printer options and more tables and chairs in dining centers.

They also intend on focusing on other issues, such as transportation for on- and off-campus students, better dining options and fostering a better relationship with the city of Ames.

“[Sweere] and I are willing and ready to explore the challenges students face,” Breitbarth said.

Breitbarth said they are first and foremost going to be advocates for the student body. He said they are going to do this by continuing extensive outreach throughout the entire year.

“At any time, at any point during our term, if a student has a need or an issue, I would encourage them to outreach to either [Sweere], myself or any member of our cabinet,” Breitbarth said. “Because we are here, we’re ready to work on any issues the student is facing. And that’s what no b.s. is about.”

Senators elected for the next year were also sworn into office Monday night.

Monday also marks the official change of the organization from the Government of the Student Body to Student Government.