Letter: Van Erdewyk will push Ames forward


Jake Webster/Iowa State Daily

Attendees sit under the pavilion rented by Joe Van Erdewyk’s City Council campaign for a “kickoff party” at Emma McCarthy Lee Park in Ames on June 15.

Renu Suddapalli

I’ve been closely following the 4th Ward city council election set to occur on Nov. 5. Only one candidate has been consistently thoughtful, knowledgeable and articulate. Joe Van Erdewyk has proven time and again why he is the best choice to represent Ward 4 on City Council. 

Joe is the fresh, intelligent perspective needed to push Ames forward. 

He has demonstrated that he understands the struggles our community faces. Joe was the first candidate to run on the issue of housing affordability, and renter exploitation. Joe was canvassing neighborhoods as early as June to understand the needs of our community, he is dedicated and motivated. His true understanding of our struggles mattered; I saw yard signs supporting his candidacy before the other competitors even began to door knock. 

I’ve been frustrated by the lack of thoughtful answers to questions by the other candidates. I have heard incomplete and placating answers from his opponents. Joe shows up having done his homework, demonstrating his holistic understanding of an issue. 

Some candidates insist things are fine. Fine is not enough. Council cannot be complacent. Joe has introduced cutting edge policies that address issues such as housing affordability and sustainable energy production. Joe struck a chord with the community by bringing our issues to the forefront of this election.

His perspective on the barriers preventing students from remaining in town is crucial to understanding how we can grow our community. The Ames 2040 plan needs Joe’s unique perspective to help shape the economic landscape to retain students and residents in our community. We need more individuals like Joe to help Ames thrive.

Joe is a natural leader. It is apparent in the way even his opponents have begun to follow his lead. 

Visit joe4ames.com and vote Van Erdewyk on Tuesday.