ISU campus leaders recognized at reception


Dani Ferguson/Iowa State Daily

The recipients of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Student Services awards and scholarships pose for a picture at the end of the Gender and Sexuality Equity Awards ceremony at Hach Hall on Tuesday, March 31.

Montana Crow

Gender equality advocates at Iowa State had a chance to shine the light on campus leaders on Tuesday.

The Margaret Sloss Women’s Center and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Student Services paired up to host its first ever Gender and Sexuality Equity Awards Reception.

Mike Giles, director of recreation services, was the 2015 recipient for the Margaret Sloss Gender Equity Award. Each year this award is given to an individual who excels in helping women gain equity and the excellent leadership he or she portrays.

Giles has done a lot of work promoting social justice during recreational activities and always strives to be a team player, said colleague Kenyatta Shamburger, assistant dean of students and director of Multicultural Student Affairs.

“He [Giles] has been a team leader to not only his own work of social justice but a great partner to work with,” Shamburger said.

Giles was unable to attend the ceremony but his wife and children accepted the award on his behalf and thanked the community for its support.

The recognition ceremony helps students and staff distinguish the hard work members of the ISU community play in gender equity and how they continue to make a difference, Shamburger said. It’s a great opportunity to come together to learn about what other people are doing and how they are striving for equity, he said.

The ceremony took place in Hach Hall at 2 p.m. The Margaret Sloss Center awarded four scholarships and awards, while the LGBTSS awarded 14 students scholarships and awards for the leadership they have demonstrated on campus.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into fighting equity and it’s a collaborative effort between students, staff and the community to keep working hard at achieving equity said Wayne Glass, graduate student who received LGBTSS award for academic excellence and Graduate Student of the Year at the reception.

“It’s a good way to bring the community together to continue to advocate, educate and support those continuing to fight equity at Iowa State,” Glass said.

The keynote speaker at the ceremony was Calli Sanders, senior associate athletic director. 

Sanders stressed the importance for Title IX and the purpose it serves for women’s equity. At Iowa State, she has improved the work life for women and increased their value by working with their schedules and improving ISU women’s athletics.

“We are not men or women or gay or straight or black or white, we are Cyclones,” Sanders said.