City Council celebrates 25th Anniversary, presents Historic Preservation Awards

Mitch Anderson

The Ames City Council on Tuesday passed an ordinance that would allow Olde Main Brewing to move its location, recognized May as “Bike to Work” month and celebrated City Hall’s 25th location anniversary. 

The council passed the Time-of-Use Industrial Electric Rate Ordinance for the second time, which would shift electric price rates for industrial customers to encourage production to off-peak hours, as well as the ordinance allowing Olde Main Brewing move its location to Duff Avenue. 

The council also celebrated the 25th year of City Hall’s current location to the day on Tuesday. 

In 1988, a $6.85 million bond referendum was approved by Ames residents to transform the old Ames High School into the new City Hall. City Hall has resided there since then, and continues to serve as an example of many preservation projects around the city. Mayor Ann Campbell was presented a brass plaque that will be placed outside City Hall as a recognition for the building’s historic preservation. 

The Ames City Council recognized the month of May as “National Preservation Month” and “Bike Month” at Tuesday’s meeting. As a part of Bike Month, May 11-15 will be recognized as “Bike to Work Week,” where employees in Ames are encouraged to ride their bicycles to work.