Student Government to name new senators


Student Government’s Vice President Vishesh Bhatia listens to student comments Sept. 18 during an open forum at the Student Government meeting.

Cassie Lehmann

At Wednesday night’s meeting, Student Government will be seating at-larges to committees, naming new senators and reviewing the procedure for passing finance and bylaw bills.

Student Government plans on seating at-larges to the Green Initiatives Fund (GIF), Public Relations, Civic Engagement, Student Initiatives and Diversity and Inclusion committees.

Iowa State students Aline Milach Teixeira and Michael Moreno will face approval for the GIF committee and Emily Hovey, Grace Campidilli, Kylie Kost, Daniel Hayes and Tejas Jhamb will face approval for the Public Relations Committee for the At-Large positions on each respective committee.

Additionally, graduate student Kayonna Topp will face approval for the Civic Engagement committee and senior Kyle Eckrich will face approval for the Student Initiatives committee.

Alyssa McMichael, Anna Vymetal, Behnia Shirazi, Cheyenne Carlson, Joseph Scholl, Madalyn Walker, Marie Beecham, Trinity Dearborn and Veronica Kharunda have all expressed interested in being seated on the Diversity and Inclusion committee and will face approval.

Student Government will also be approving and seating senators representing Human Services, Public Relations and Diversity and Inclusion.

Junior Eliana Crabb will face approval as senator of Human Sciences and seniors Mckenzie Meradith and Joshua Hanyang will face approval as senators of Public Relations. Junior Alex Klein and sophomore Hayat Sumael will also face approval as senators of Diversity and Inclusion.

Additionally, Student Government will look at allowing the call of unanimous consent on bills relating to finance and bylaws.

Previously, Bylaws of Student Government currently state that funding of all bills shall be passed by a roll call vote. The Unanimous Consent for Finance and Bylaw Amendment bills would grant Student Government a quicker processing of bills and preserve the time of the Senate without limiting the rights of senators.

Student Government will take precautions in which the Senate will be reviewing a bill to remove potential conflicts of interest in the Election Commission. The Election Commission holds hearings during the election cycle to hear potential violations. 

The bill expresses the Election Commission would benefit from an alternate member system. Alternate members would  be involved in Election Commission and attend weekly scheduled regular meetings but would not have voting rights unless needed for quorum purposes.

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.