The bloodiest battles of the Civil War

Matthew Rezab

While the exact number of casualties during the Civil War will never be known. A closer count is available from individual battles. These are the bloodiest battles of the war.

Total Casualties


Federal: 23,053

Confederate: 28,063

The Seven Days

Federal 15,849

Confederate 20,614


Federal 16,170

Confederate 18,454

Chancellorsville or Second Fredericksburg

Federal 16,845

Confederate 12,764

The Wilderness

Federal 17,666

Confederate 7,500


Federal 12,410

Confederate 10,316

Second Manassas or Chantilly

Federal 16,054

Confederate 9,286


Federal 13,047

Confederate 10,694

Stones River

Federal 9,532

Confederate 9,239


Federal 12,653

Confederate 5,309

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