How To: Help the homeless

Claire Norton

The Ames Emergency Residence Project is ultimately a homeless shelter, providing aide and a home for those who do not have a place to live. They also help those, who are in need, with their utilities and rent.

There is a lack of awareness for Ames’ homelessness problem and the affordable housing crisis that is occurring in the local area, so three ISU students made the decision to fundraise for this exact purpose.

Chris Grow, Christopher Hoffman and Eric Anderson have created their own fundraiser to assist their church, St. Thomas Aquinas, as well as their Catholic fraternity, Knights of Columbus, raise money for the Emergency Residence Project. 

Their method? Hairstyles. To gain attention and involvement for those donating, they have grown their hair long and are taking requests for which hairstyle the money’s vote will cast.

When a person donates money, they put the money toward a particular haircut, so whichever hairstyle has the most money will be the style that the individual will have to get done on April 15.

To vote for a silly style, visit their Facebook page, “Like a Fool Fundraiser for ERP” and contact one of the three students participating to physically donate the money.

No matter which style wins, every dollar donated will go to the ERP.

To contact directly outside of Facebook:

Chris Grow: (316)295-0249 or [email protected]

Christopher Hoffman: [email protected]

Eric Anderson: [email protected]