Yak of the Week March 27-April 2

Noah Cary

Top 10 yaks of the week

Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app that allows its users to vent their frustrations and observations onto a geo-tagged feed. Yik Yak is directly aimed at college students and all college campuses are geo-tagged. This means you can only Yak to a certain feed if you are close enough to it but there are hundreds of feeds nationwide. A yak can be upvoted or downvoted. The more ups, the greater the yak. Here are the weeks top yaks from Iowa State:

10) “Never trust a fart on hangover days”

9) “When the vending machine gives you two candy bars and you only paid for one>>>”

8) “This girl at State Gym just walked in, looked at the equipment, and said ‘nope’, then turned and walked out”

7) “Procrastination level 10: I’ve cleaned the microwave twice today”

6) “Is it just me, or every time I see someone ask when unofficial VEISHEA is, I automatically assume they are a freshman”

5) “Went into the bathroom and there was a wasp on the toilet. I guess that isn’t my toiles amymore. He owns it. It’s his now.”

4) “I always use the self check out at Wal-Mart because I want to be the hottest cashier”

3) “I really hate getting s— for wearing sundresses when it’s nice out. I like to show my body off. Could really do without the comments like ‘your legs are hairy’ and ‘your d— is hanging out.'”

2) “If someone ever tells you that your dreams are stupid, just remember that there is a millionaire out there that invented the pool noodle”

1) “My roommate was looking for his phone and found it in his pants from yesterday. He said ‘I don’t know why that wasn’t the first place I looked.’ I said ‘I don’t know why that came after the microwave’”

The Yak of the week is for entertainment purposes and if you would like to have your Yak nominated, download Yik Yak and start yakking.