University weather policies

Noah Cary

Iowa weather in the winter is so unpredictable that, as an ISU student, it is often hard to prepare yourself for the day. It could start off being 8 below zero and by the end of the day be 40 degrees. But temperature doesn’t affect our ability to move around campus, that is just something we all have to deal with. Harsh winter weather like sleet, snow and black ice however make the campus and the roads leading to campus dangerous to navigate.

Iowa State needs to take the ability to navigate properly around campus into consideration whenever a harsh winter storm hits. I have seen countless people fall in front of the library, outside class buildings and even in front of busses while crossing the road.

Nobody likes going to class when the weather is unbearable, but most professors will not cancel unless there is a university-wide shut down. Most professors will even admit that it is not enjoyable to come to campus, but they can’t cancel because of the strict schedule of material they have to complete by semesters end.

With such a massive number of students flocking the walkways of Iowa State, more and more students understand the dangerous situation of just attempting to make it to class on time. Ice and snow are causing problems for all students. It is time that Iowa State starts considering some new policies.