Rogers: Iran and the bomb

Clay Rogers

Like Russia, Iran is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. The Iranian government desires an atom bomb for two purposes only. The first is to fend off Sunni Arabs and the second is to kill Jews. It’s in America’s interest to see that Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon, both for Israel’s sake and the region. But our interest does not require us to take military action.

Pakistan is a Muslim country bristling with nuclear missiles and terrorists. Why is there no fuss over a nuclear Pakistan?  The reason is because their missiles are pointed at Hindu Indians, and not Jewish Israelis.

Underlying the whole Iran hysteria is Israel. There is a well-founded belief that if Iran acquires a nuclear weapon, the weapon will be used to destroy Israel. Therefore, any action against Iran on our side is in defense of the Jewish state. The defense of Israel is a great and noble cause, but should it govern American foreign policy?  And should we fight a war with Iran to defend Israel?

Israel is our natural ally in the Middle-East. It’s a developed Western nation that is not in danger of being overthrown by terrorists at the drop of a hat. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is perhaps the greatest world leader who is still alive. Israel’s interests are, however, not always our interests.

It’s possible to aid Israel without being dragged into another conflict in the Middle East. Israel is capable of defending itself and shouldn’t expect American military assistance. The Jewish state is believed to possess between 80 and 200 nuclear weapons. With an arsenal like that, it’s hard to believe they need Americans to do the ground work for them.

A sanction is the chief diplomatic way we can harm Iran. Obama is intent on rolling back sanctions already in place. Our president believes that easing sanctions will make the Mullahs understand peace, love and brotherhood.

We should all be concerned that Obama is the man leading the negotiations with Iran. Our president does not have a good track record in conducting foreign politics. Obama is the hero of the disastrous Libyan intervention. Our infinitely clever and foresighted president turned a nation of six million into a cauldron of death and despair.  

Netanyahu, on the other hand, has a history of cutting good deals with Israel’s neighbors. Obama claims that we are putting forward the best proposal possible, but Israelis don’t agree.

There must have been a full moon because Republican leaders were momentarily cured of their stupidity and invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress. The move was genius because it forced Obama to show his hand, and surprise, it’s not with Israel. The Fratboy-in-Chief and his henchman, Uncle Joe, were mysteriously absent from the speech. Are we really to believe that the vice president couldn’t spare an hour to support our ally?

Netanyahu’s speech could be summed up in, “The Iranians are coming! The Iranians are coming!” He is rightfully distressed but in the end, the speech will do nothing except make Obama look bad.

Israel is not the only nation threatened. The Sunni Arab states are also in grave danger. It’s doubtful that Saudi Arabia or Egypt would allow Shia Persians to hold a nuclear dominance over the region. The only existential threat to the United States from Iran is a nuclear arms race throughout the Muslim world.

Saudi Arabia isn’t standing by on the sidelines. Saudis have been dumping oil into the global market to hurt Iran’s economy, which is part of the reason for the recent drop in oil prices. If Iran is successful in its bomb program, it is not unthinkable that the neighboring nations would simply buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan.

Some people note that the leaders of Iran are constantly threatening the United States with violence. They do, but so does Kim Jung Un, and so did the Soviets. Even if Iran pulled off a nuclear attack, the consequences would be very unfortunate for the country. The Pentagon must certainly have war maps blanketing Iran with red dots to show where the nukes will land.

Although Israel is our friend and ally, we do not need to fight their wars. Israel is perfectly capable of defending itself. America can help avert a war by imposing sanctions and diplomatic pressure to weaken Iran. One can only hope that a crisis is averted until after 2016, when real diplomacy can begin again.