Five ways to beat the post-Spring Break blues

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From having to set alarms again to getting back into a routine of studying, returning from Spring Break can be tough. Only a few weeks of classes remain until summer, but for many students, these last few weeks aren’t their glory days when it comes to academic success. 

Here are five tips to keep you on track through Finals Week:

1. Use your study breaks to get some fresh air and exercise. If the weather isn’t cooperating, hit the gym. You’ll keep up your energy levels for school work while also working on your summer body — it’s a double whammy.

2. Sometimes you just have to be inside, but you can do a few things to freshen up your room outside of spring cleaning. Pick some flowers for your room, leave the window open or even have an air freshener to make being inside more bearable.

3. Wear bright clothes or open-toed shoes to brighten your day. But don’t let a rainy day dampen your mood — always remember to pack a rain coat or umbrella for unpredictable storms.

4. Put motivational quotes in your planner, on your mirror or by your bed. One quote might get you through a dreaded assignment that may not seem important now, but has a huge impact on your grade in the class. 

5. Make a list of major tasks you still have left to complete in the semester and check them off as you finish them. Each time you check one off, you’ll see the progress you’ve made and the light at the end of the tunnel will grow a little bit brighter.