Early Bird EDM: Not alone

Sam Vander Forest

This week’s Early Bird EDM brings two lesser-known groups together and to the forefront of our ears. Mako, a duo out of Los Angeles, and Paris & Simo, a duo out of Montreal, came together to bring one uplifting house track.

“Not Alone” was released about a month ago and has made the rounds on Soundcloud but still deserves more credit. Luckily, my music source McKinnon82 has done it again and brought me the best.

The first half of the track focuses heavily on the lyrics with a simple drumbeat and synth sounds, but it nevertheless offers an uplifting progressive house intro. Building to a bright, melody-filled drop, “Not Alone” has the potential to be both a club banger or a car drive anthem.

Mako will actually be at Lollapalooza this summer, likely at Perry’s stage during the day, so keep a look out for them. If you’re a fan of progressive house or happy, uplifting tracks, these two duos are sure to deliver. You can find links to their Soundcloud streams below.

Paris & Simo: https://soundcloud.com/parisandsimo

Mako: https://soundcloud.com/wearemako