NFL free agency

Noah Cary

The NFL is one of the biggest enterprises in the U.S. and it draws a lot of interest from fans everywhere. Though the Super Bowl just ended a little over a month ago, the NFL season never really ends. March 10 marks the start of the new league year for the NFL and that means the start of contracts, trades and free agency.

The start of the new league years generally means that players under contract for the coming season are fully guaranteed their bonuses if still on the roster. This past weekend is commonly referred to as free-agent weekend, and is when teams decide to make trades to relieve contract penalties. Free agents make commitments to teams for the coming season. Though the trade and signings are not official until the 10th, many teams have already started making moves.

During the weekend, several moves happened that have changed the landscape of the 2015-16 season. The biggest move comes from defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, a player many analysts say is one of the top five players to build a team around. Suh signed with the Miami Dolphins in a reported $114 million dollar deal with $60 million fully guaranteed.

The Eagles were the busiest team this weekend, signing veteran halfback Frank Gore after trading star halfback LeSean McCoy to the Bills late last week. They also signed star cornerback Byron Maxwell and quarterback Mark Sanchez. The Eagles did however lost star wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, who signed with the Chiefs during the weekend.

The biggest question surrounding the start of the new league year is whether or not Jay Cutler is going to stay with the Bears or be traded. Cutler is signed to one of the biggest contracts in the NFL, however after falling flat last season, he could easily be on the move before his contract kicks in March 10. The Bears have already made a splash in free agency by trading starting wide reciever Brandon Marshall to the Jets for a fifth-round pick.

Though free agency is just beginning, the next few weeks will be filled with NFL signings that will dictate how a team will do this coming season. With a free agent combine scheduled in late March and the NFL draft scheduled in late April and early May, the NFL is never really out of the news.