Man’s petition brings attention to lack of knowledge about women’s suffrage

Danielle Ferguson

Some ISU students don’t know what women’s suffrage means, and signed a petition to end it on International Women’s Day. 

Jake Dagel, the Iowa Field Coordinator for Turning Point USA — non-profit student organization that aims to “educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government” — walked around the ISU campus on International Women’s Day, Sunday, March 8, asking students to sign his petition to end women’s suffrage, also known as women’s right to vote.

Dagel garnered nearly two pages’ worth of names before one student told her peers not to sign it because “it’s a joke…suffrage is the right to vote.” 

The petition, Dagel told students, demanded that the university and the state of Iowa enforce policies ending women’s suffrage. 

Dagel asked students if they think women should have equal rights as men and if women shouldn’t have to endure suffrage. 

A few students in the video, posted to YouTube, said “yeah, I feel like I should do this” or “we’re talking about this in literally all of my classes.”

“I feel like people should be more educated,” one student said. 

Dagel walked around campus on International Women’s Day, a day devoted to celebrating women’s social, economic, and political achievements while calling for greater equality.