Editorial: Balance celebrity gossip and news


Brian Achenbach/Iowa State Daily

The ISD Editorial Board encourages readers to balance celebrity gossip with world news in order to avoid staying ignorant about what is happening around them.

Editorial Board

The lives of celebrities are constantly being discussed and broadcasted on multiple celebrity-focused outlets. A scandal happens, and you’re unable to escape the details of the occurrence no matter which media outlet you check out.

You open Snapchat and boom, it becomes an endless scroll of different versions of the same story that explains the juicy details of the latest celebrity news.

We see and experience media every day of our lives, and with it can come focusing too much on all the wrong things.

Sure, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of keeping up with the lives of some of our favorite celebrities. A lot of the time, celebrity gossip reminds us that even the lives of celebrities aren’t as perfect as social media makes them out to be.

Although it may seem like an easy way to pass the time while waiting for your next class to begin, celebrity gossip shouldn’t be the only thing you’re keeping up with. The news has way more to offer than just the latest gossip of which couple called it quits or which celebrity did this or that.

The world around you is just as important, if not more. Learn about what is happening nationally and internationally. Don’t let yourself become ignorant to your surroundings because you feel like it does not affect you.

One shouldn’t need to be affected by things in order to care about a topic. That’s not to say replace all celebrity content with news. You’re allowed to keep up with any form of media in any way and at any time that you would like. ISD Editorial Board only suggests one thing, and that is to find a balance between celebrity gossip and actual news. 

If you manage you squeeze in a few minutes of nonstop scrolling on your phone during your free time, take some of that time to quickly check out some news on your preferred news outlets.