Keys for Cyclone Hockey’s national tournament hopes

Luke Manderfeld

Cyclone Hockey takes on the 2015 American Collegiate Hockey Association National Tournament starting on March 7 against the Oklahoma Sooners.

The Cyclones will have to win four games in a row against some of the ACHA’s best teams to win the tournament. Here are some keys for the team to make that happen.

Goals: The Cyclones have had their fair share of scoring troubles over the season. They are regarded as a defensive-minded team. An outburst of 13 goals against Midland on Feb. 28 may be a sign that things are going in the right direction for the team.

Chase Rey: Rey has arguably been the Cyclones’ hottest player in 2015. He returned from a shoulder injury in January with a two-goal performance against Illinois. Most recently, he had seven points in the series against Midland.

Staying fresh: To win the tournament, the team will have to play four back-to-back games. The team has only played three games in a row this season once among all of the two-game series.

Cyclone Hockey will kick off their title hopes at 12 p.m. on March 7 against the Oklahoma Sooners at John Carroll University.

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