ISU gymnastics on bouncing back from injuries

Brittany Mease

The ISU gymnastics team, along with the numerous other collegiate and lower level ranks of gymnasts, have had to deal with their own fair share of injuries that come with the sport.

With nearly every gymnast suffering from some sort of injury in their career, whether it be a minor injury, such as a rolled ankle, or a more serious injury, like a torn ligament, many people spectate how one can make a comeback — whether it be mentally or physically.

“You can’t focus on [an injury]. You just have to focus on what your [routine] is and what you need to [do] right. You don’t want to repeat it or get caught up in [the injury]. Just focus on what you need to do and get on it,” said senior Caitlin Brown. With extreme focus and taking safety precautions, the Cyclones do their best to battle the numerous injuries that come with the sport.