Ames FD offers safety tips

Matthew Rezab

General Fire Safety Tips 

  • Have working smoke detectors in the house where you live. Ensure they are tested and maintained.
  • Have an escape plan, if your primary route is blocked what is your secondary route out of the building?
  • Practice your plan with the people who reside in your house.
  • Have a meeting place to ensure all people have exited the building safely.
  • If the house is on fire, call 911 once you have exited the building and remain on the line to answer all the questions asked
  • Crawl low under the smoke, visibility is better, the temperature is cooler, the smoke is not as thick
  • Have a fire extinguisher to extinguish small fires as you exit the building
  • Once you have exited the building do not return to the inside of the building
  • When the firefighters arrive, let them know that all of the occupants have exited the building, if that is not the case, provide information where the person was last seen in the building.